1. What makes your pizza unique?

  • We use Tommy's own recipe brought over from Italy for our dough which makes our crust flake like a cracker and crisps on the bottom when cooked.

2. How do you cut your pizzas?

  • All of our pizzas are cut mid-western style, in squares, unless requested otherwise.

3. Do any of your stores deliver?

  • We are sorry, none of our stores offer delivery service.

4. What are the five most popular pizza toppings?

  • Pepperoni followed closely by Mushroom and then Sausage. Green Pepper and Onion round out the top five. All of these most popular items make up our "All-The-Way" pizza.

5. Can you ship your pizzas across the country?

  • Unfortunately, we are not able to ship our pizzas. We receive lots of requests for this from customers who have moved away from Columbus. However, in order to ensure the highest quality of the product, we believe it is best fresh out of the oven.